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I’m a luck guy.

I love my work. I absolutely love my work.

Sometimes my enthusiasm carries me away.

I have learned that clear vision, meaning, and purpose in life, are essential to living happily and fulfilled. Most fortunately, I find meaning in the practice of Martial Art, and purpose in teaching its great value to others. Also, my work provides me joy and and energy, and i feel most alive when I am leading my students in their learning and practice.

Martial art is an exploration that provides a lifetime of learning and excitement. Even now, after 40 years of practice, I still marvel at how I continuously see and understand more about myself and the world through this art form.

I want to share this knowledge with others, both children and adults. I also want to provide them a lifetime of growth and human development, of which I can attest.

Martial Art, like all art, raises one’s consciousness and enables greater vision and power. If I can teach this, and lead others so, I will do some good…

…and that’s important to me.

Sensei Al

About Sensei Al

Pendo Karate's Founder and Director, Sensei Al Gargiulo, has studied Tang Soo Do and Isshin Fu Kung Fu for more than 40 years. He is a former highly qualified public school science teacher and has taught thousands of students over the past 37 years