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Pendo Karate’s Guide to Stop Bullying [Free Download]

Bullying is a very big problem in our society, and parents and students often ask us for advice about it. To meet these requests, we have prepared a pamphlet with solutions for you to use to provide assistance to your children when they are bullied.

Bully E-Book Download Cover

Awareness, Strategies, and Actions to Prevent and Stop Bullying

Our pamphlet addresses bullying in a straightforward fashion, with clear descriptions of some of  bullying’s many forms and levels. Sources for this information include The NJ State Bar Association  and an overview of The NJ State Self Defense Law.

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This information is intended to provide you and your children specific knowledge that effectively addresses bullying. Empowering is an important aspect of bully prevention, and there is power in simply knowing some things to do.  This information does not cover every situation, nor solve every problem, but effective fundamental actions and guidelines are presented.

Sensei Al

About Sensei Al

Pendo Karate's Founder and Director, Sensei Al Gargiulo, has studied Tang Soo Do and Isshin Fu Kung Fu for more than 40 years. He is a former highly qualified public school science teacher and has taught thousands of students over the past 37 years