Pendo Adult Programs

Adult Fitness and Classes, G.U.T.S. - General Unified Training System

GUTS - General Unified Training System, Adult Men and Women, Workouts

General Unified Training System

GUTS is a TRUE full body work out class designed to provide 1 hour of strength building and cardio exercises using martial art equipment and beneficial technique.

Have fun while getting into shape!

Tuesday at 7:30am
Thursday at 9:30am

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is proven to increase energy, improve balance, relieve pain, promote flexibility, and reduce stress.  Developed over thousands of years, tai chi’s gentle movements benefit our good health and overall fitness, especially in our middle and senior years.

Start feeling great!

Monday at 9:00am
Friday at 9:00am

Pendo Games 2018

Pendo Karate

Pendo Karate is excited to announce The Pendo Games have been scheduled for March 3, 2018 at 5:00pm. We encourage all intermediate and advanced students to participate in this day of fun, competition, cooperation, and good sportsmanship. Parents are invited to cheer and encourage their children throughout this special day. Awards, individual medals, raffles, and other activities will be provided for all to enjoy.
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Holiday Food Drive

Pendo Karate Fights For

Pendo Fights For is dedicated to being a part of the community. Join us next month as we collect food for the Fulfill, formerly the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Pendo Fights For is looking to raise over 700 lbs. of food in this year’s food drive. Help spread the word by sharing this with Family and Friends.
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Keeping Your Balance

Fitness, Martial Arts, Pendo Karate, Reflections

Balance is a beautiful thing. With balance we stand, without balance we fall. It’s pretty simple, but often not so¦

Overall fitness and joy require a mastery of balance. To do so, it is important to understand that balance is multidimensional, and it exists in many forms. Through physical balance, we maintain our center, and use our ability to stand, walk, dance, and move freely. Continue reading …

Introducing Team Pendo

Pendo Karate

Team Pendo Karate

Pendo now provides our students the opportunity to participate in our Karate Competition Team! Team Pendo Classes will begin at the start of our second session. The team’s purpose is to teach students how to grow through competition, and to motivate them toward excellence in Martial Art.

Team Pendo provides our students the means to learn good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and quality of character, through Martial Art Competitions and Tournaments.  Our students will engage with children from other Karate Schools in a way that teaches them the life lessons of winning and losing well.

We also want to have some fun!

Pendo Karate Fights For

Pendo Karate Fights For

“Fight not, but for.” Our motto states what we do and that Pendo Karate is more than punching, and kicking. Pendo is applying Martial Art to overcoming problems, and life challenges. Pendo applies strategies, and resources to do what is right and good. We act, and we affect in positive ways. Also, as in all art, Pendo raises our consciousness and purpose in life.
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Pendo Karate’s Guide to Stop Bullying [Free Download]

Martial Arts, Pendo Karate

Bullying is a very big problem in our society, and parents and students often ask us for advice about it. To meet these requests, we have prepared a pamphlet with solutions for you to use to provide assistance to your children when they are bullied.

Bully E-Book Download Cover

Awareness, Strategies, and Actions to Prevent and Stop Bullying

Our pamphlet addresses bullying in a straightforward fashion, with clear descriptions of some of  bullying’s many forms and levels. Sources for this information include The NJ State Bar Association  and an overview of The NJ State Self Defense Law.

Download Now!

This information is intended to provide you and your children specific knowledge that effectively addresses bullying. Empowering is an important aspect of bully prevention, and there is power in simply knowing some things to do.  This information does not cover every situation, nor solve every problem, but effective fundamental actions and guidelines are presented.