Introducing Tai Chi Chuan Classes!

I love Martial Arts and have been practicing them for more than 45 years. Like many other athletic, “middle-agers”, I have arthritis, spinal stenosis, and had hip replacement surgery.

But I don’t hurt,
and I do not take any pain medications.

I practice Tai Chi Chuan to effectively eliminate back, neck, hip, shoulder, leg pain, and sciatica. Tai Chi also enhances vitality, balance, and flexibility. And very importantly, it reduces stress and it’s harmful effects upon our bodies.

I presently teach Tai Chi Chuan classes at the Pendo Karate Dojo, and I also provide at home individual instruction. My intention is to share this very effective and valuable knowledge to as many others as possible, so that they eliminate pain, increase energy, and enhance their good health and wellness.

Very truly yours,
Sensei Al Gargiulo

About Tai Chi Chuan

What Others Are Saying

I’ve been training with Sensei Al Gargiulo for 5 months. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have injuries from years of work, sports, and other physical activities.
Since I began my journey of Tai Chi with Sensei Al, I’ve seen my flexibility increase, my headaches all but disappear, my balance improve and my joint pain decrease substantially. I always feel better after a training session. Sensei Al treats his students like family. He treats you with respect and works just as hard as you do. Tai Chi is a challenge and you get a good workout as well. It truly is the best of both worlds. It’s a new world of thinking and training. The benefits are infinite!

Johnny L