Team Pendo Karate

Pendo Karate now provides our students the opportunity to participate in our Karate Competition Team. The team’s purpose is to teach students how to grow through competition, and to motivate them toward excellence in Martial Art.

Team Pendo provides our students the means to learn good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and quality of character, through Martial Art Competitions and Tournaments. Our students will engage with children from other Karate Schools in a way that teaches them the life lessons of winning and losing.

Our Goals

Our goals are to provide a competetive, successful and safe team that will enable your child to grow and gain knowledge through the benfits of competition, such as:

  1. Provide a Competitive Martial Arts Team that will participate in multiple competitions/tournaments throughout the school year;
  2. Participate in Sparring, Kata, and Weapons events;
  3. Provide instruction/coaching that will lead each student toward success during competition/tournament.


2018 Competition Dates

pdf-download-iconApril 21
pdf-download-iconMay 19
pdf-download-iconJune 23
pdf-download-iconSeptember 22
pdf-download-iconNovember 3


Important Documents


Competitive Team Pendo Handbook